Video equipment and techniques

We strive to work with the best equipment available on the market and to use the most efficient video shooting techniques. We provide our customers with the best video shooting equipment and the best techniques, depending on the budget available.

Apart from the classic filming tools (cameras, microphones, lights, ...) we have implemented and master the filming techniques with specific equipment dedicated to specific needs:

 - Gimbals and sliders: for dynamic and fluid images at the same time.

- Teleprompter or autocue: for precise and effective video messages.

- Green screen: a blue or green background to have the choice of the final background during post-production.

- Drones: for the immutable aerial images that will give your projects a very appreciated and requested angle of view these days.

- Voice-over: we can select and record for you the voice that will enhance your video production. - Rue du Simplon 29

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